PGA Junior League Playoff Results

Playing in the Sub-regional Playoffs the Syracuse2 team fell to a Saratoga team 7 1/2 to 4 1/2 on Saturday afternoon at Crestwood Golf Club. We congratulate the Saratoga team for their win and success in their future playoff matches. Congratulations also go out to all the players from Woodcrest and the rest of the all-star squad who represented the Syracuse area in the PGA Junior Golf League.


PGA Junior League Golf

Woodcrest Golf Club has four Junior Members participating in the PGA Junior Golf League Post Season as Syracuse2. Adam Butch, Jake Scheidelman, Bradley Randall and Jack Middleton from Woodcrest along with teammates Johnny Grununger, Anthony Maglisco, Braedon Smith, Andrew Heyman Jay Colella and Daniel Angelo have advanced to Round 3 and will play the Team from Saratoga at Crestwood Golf Club in Marcy NY @3:30PM on Saturday, August 27th. Spectators are welcome. Cart Fees may apply. Previous Matches Syracuse2 10 1/2 vs Syracuse1 1 1/2 Syracuse2 9 vs Utica East 3