2018 Woodcrest Couples League

2018 Woodcrest Couples League Participants
Woodcrest Couples League will play Mondays, starting on April 23rd and running for 16 weeks finishing on August 13th with the Yearend Sadie Hawkins Tournament on August 20th. There will be no play on the May 28th Memorial Day Holiday. Playing times will be between 4 and 6 PM. Cost is $80 per couple cash, for members, on first day payable to our designated money collector, usually Steve Fairbank. This year there will NOT be separate early and late divisions. This way you will probably be able to play at least once against all participating teams.
Non-Members will owe an additional $12 per person per week, $192 per person or $384 per couple for the season, also payable in full for the entire season on the first night. Carts are always available weekly at $12 per couple.
We ask that each team that wishes to participate could provide us with participant names, current contact information including an email address and text-capable cell phone number for each participant, so we might create a roster with contact information and schedule the season’s matches
Deadline for league signup will be Friday, April 6th. Please respond to info@woodcrestgolfclub.com.