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2019 Woodcrest Couples League

2019 Woodcrest Couples League will play Mondays between the designated times of 4 and 6 PM. The cost will be $90 per couple cash only, for members, on the first day of league play, payable to our designated money collector, usually Steve Fairbank and/or League President, Dan Barbagallo, or their designated representatives. There will be only a single division. You will probably be able to play at least once against all participating teams.
Non-Members, also eligible, will owe an additional $12 per person per week reduced Green Fee, also payable in full for the entire season on the first night of league play, tentatively March 29th. The season will extend through the summer months culminating with a year-end tournament and banquet on Monday, August 19th. Carts are always available at $12 per couple on each league play night.
Substitute golfers may play to round out a foursome but their scores will not count for the purpose of taking team points. Non-Member substitutes will be charged the league rate, $12 unless a Member wishes to use one of their complimentary Guest Passes. The format, as in recent seasons, will be Best Team Net. 1 point per hole won and an extra 1 point for winning the match, for a weekly total of 10 points. Teams playing against a “No Show” team will end up playing against a “Blank Team” shooting a Net Score of 39. The “No Show” team will score no points. Maximum handicaps will be in effect, 18 for Men and 25 for Women. Maximum scores per hole will be double par unless the score limit results in winning points for the participant team taking the hole maximum. Scores can be turned in to the Pro Shop upon completion of play. Play outside of the designated tee times, 4 to 6 PM, will be allowed on a VERY LIMITED BASIS due to the scheduling of other league and public play. Players wishing to do so will be required to call and schedule a tee time. Weekly league results and the league roster will be posted on the Pro Shop League Bulletin Board and on the Woodcrest Golf Club webpage.
We ask that each team that wishes to participate to provide us with participant names, current contact information including an email address and text-capable cell phone number for each participant, so we might create a roster with contact information and schedule the season’s matches. League matches are to be scheduled and played at a time agreed upon by each participating team.