2021 Golf Season

Dear Woodcrest Members and Golfing Public
Happy 2021 to all of you! With the craziest of seasons behind us, we are so looking forward to the upcoming year at Woodcrest. First and foremost, Joe, Denise and all of the staff can’t thank you enough for hanging in with us over the past year and all the trials and tribulations that came with it. Your positive thoughts and willingness to support and abide by our decisions as tough as some were, made it possible for us to get through the year of Covid-19.
To all of our new members, Welcome!! There are many of you and we are thrilled to have you as part of the family.
This spring has been surprising for sure and many of you have touched base to see when things are going to get started. As of now, we are looking to open towards the middle of April. That is our norm and hope mother nature will continue to give us a great start to the year.
The schedule for member events is being finalized and might have some minor date changes. We will send that information out ASAP.
With restrictions being lifted and percentages for gatherings increased, The Whitetail will be open for beverage and dinner service with hours of operation being posted on the website at the start of the season.
Finally, as we did last season, we will again follow the guidelines, protocols, and mandates set by Madison County health department and New York state. We know the number of completed vaccinations is growing everyday which is fantastic but if Masks and distancing is required, we will continue to abide by and enforce. Our decisions may differ from other clubs but we are just being mindful of what we feel is in the best interest of our employees and all those that come to Woodcrest GC.
Can’t wait to see you all very soon!!
Pars or Better
Richard Winstead

Director of Golf

Woodcrest Golf Club/The Whitetail