League Information

General League Guidelines

Leagues start as early as the last week of April and end as late as the first week in September,  are typically 16 weeks
unless changed by Woodcrest Golf Club or the participating league and are a minimum of 24 players unless
approved by Woodcrest Golf Club. Substitutes, where allowed by leagues, playing for a Woodcrest Member are
required to pay the weekly per person League Greens Fee Rate. Woodcrest Golf Club will be the final arbiter of when
the golf course is or is not playable. No more than four (4) players are allowed in any group. Tee times are scheduled
consecutively for the 1st and 10th tees. Starting on any other hole is not allowed.

What we guarantee you:

Tee Times

Guaranteed recurring tee times will be scheduled on a weekly basis according to a posted League Schedule. If outside tournaments are scheduled that interfere with the leagues scheduled tee times, alternate tee times or a cancellation for that week will be scheduled. Woodcrest Golf Club will make every attempt to notify the leagues in a timely fashion should this situation occur. The same is true for holidays falling on league nights. Please note that when a week has been skipped due to holiday, an outside club event or weather related postponement, that the league will end up playing the same nine holes for two consecutive league nights. In the event of an outside tournament scheduled on a league day or weather related delay, an effort will be made to accommodate the league’s scheduled play to the best of our ability.

Greens Fees and Cart Fees

Fees for league play with 24 or more players are a current special reduced greens fee rate and are due for each league participant who is not a Woodcrest Golf Club member. If league play is canceled, due to playing conditions, by Woodcrest Golf Club accommodations can be made to make up, if desired, the missed date, on an individual league basis by contacting Woodcrest Golf Club and informing them as to the method of League Makeup Play. Cancellation of league play for any other reason will result forfeiture of any League Makeup Play or refund and/or credit of Greens Fees. Please see section below concerning League Play Cancellation and/or Rescheduling.
Cart rental for league play, on league days only, is at the Member Rate per cart. To avoid confusion carts are typically rented on a two rider basis unless the Professional Shop is informed that there will definitely be just one rider.

Year End Tournament

For leagues playing at least a full 16 week season, the Greens Fees portion of the Year End Tournament fees, either 9 or 18 Holes, are waived if the Year End Tournament is held on the regular league day.  Current Green Fee and Cart Fee rates will apply for tournaments scheduled at any other times.

What you guarantee us:

League Information

A league roster of current players with contact information, a cell phone number, for texting, and a valid email address. A league schedule showing each week by date when and which matches are to be played including tee times, within the range of times set aside for league play by Woodcrest Golf Club, team vs team, the tee being played each week, any weeks when there will be no play and whether or not there will be a year-end tournament.

If provided with weekly results, the results can be posted on the Woodcrest Golf Club website along with the season schedule and league roster.

Greens Fees

League Greens Fees are due for all league participants, lump sum, from the league treasurer or representative, on a weekly basis, prior to league play, or a seasonal payment of one or multiple installments, due no later than July 1st, in cash or check or a combination of the two.

No Alcoholic Beverages

The bringing of alcoholic beverages and/or personal coolers onto the Woodcrest Golf Club property, both parking lot and golf course, is under no circumstances permitted. If a medical condition warrants a player to carry chilled
medications or other preventative items, a cooler with ice will be provided by Woodcrest Golf Club for the players use. Violation of the NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES policy by any league player will result in:
First Offense: He/She will be suspended from league play for the next week of league play. Second Offense: He/She will be removed from any further league play. No refund or credit of fees will be forthcoming in either event.

League Play Cancellation and/or Rescheduling

Considerations are made for League Makeup Play, if allowed by the individual leagues, at any time, on any weekday, provided tee times are available, and on weekends after 1:00 PM with the same provision for available tee times or by extending the league season extra weeks. In the event that the league does not make use of makeup play time, a Rain Check will be recorded in the form of a list of participants maintained and kept in The Professional Shop, for nonmembers participating in the league for use anytime until the end of the current golf season. The maintained list of Rain Checks will be honored for 9 Hole Greens Fee play only, have no cash value and can not be combined with any other offers, Greens Fee packages or League, Public or Club sponsored events.


Just so you do not confuse your League Secretary or Statistician , “What to enter on a scorecard if you either do not finish playing or do not play a hole or holes in a round of golf?”

What should I do if I don’t finish a hole, or my opponent concedes a stroke?

If you don’t finish a hole or a stroke is conceded, you should record your most likely score. Most likely score is the number of strokes already taken, plus in your best judgment, the number of strokes needed to complete the hole from that point more than half the time.

On your scorecard, you need to post your most likely score with an “X” preceding the number.

For example, you have already hit 2 strokes and you are just off the green, and your opponent just holed out for a 3; you may decide to pick up. What should you record on the scorecard? Most likely you would chip up and two-putt; therefore, you should record an X-5 on the card. (2, already taken, + 3 to complete the hole).  Contrary to what some people may think, you don’t automatically put down your ESC maximum. First, you determine your most likely score,  and then after the round,  check to see if the most likely score is above your ESC limit.

What should I do if I don’t play a hole?

For Handicap Purposes, you should record par plus any handicap strokes for that hole.  For example, you are not able to play holes 17 and 18 due to darkness. You have a Course Handicap of 12 and holes 17 and 18 are a par 3 and 4, and are allocated as the number 16 and 3 handicap holes respectively. Therefore, you would record an x-3 on hole 17 (par + 0 handicap) and x-5 on hole 18  (par + 1 handicap).