Feb 15th Deadline Approaches

As winter slowly lingers on the February 15th deadline for receiving 3 Complimentary 18 Hole Guest Passes with a paid 2019 Season Pass Application is also nearing. Spring and the advent of the 2019 Golf Season will soon be upon us, so take advantage of this offer before it’s too late.


I Didn’t Finish a Hole

What to enter on a scorecard if you either do not finish playing or do not play a hole or holes in a round of golf.


What should I do if I don’t finish a hole, or my opponent concedes a stroke?

If you don’t finish a hole or a stroke is conceded, you should record your most likely score. Most likely score is the number of strokes already taken, plus in your best judgement, the number of strokes needed to complete the hole from that point more than half the time.

On your scorecard, you need to post your most likely score with an “X” preceding the number.

For example, you have already hit 2 strokes and you are just off the green, and your opponent just holed out for a 3; you may decide to pick up. What should you record on the scorecard? Most likely you would chip up and two putt; therefore, you should record an X-5 on the card. (2, already taken, + 3 to complete the hole).  Contrary to what some people may think, you don’t automatically put down your ESC maximum. First, you determine your most likely score,  and then after the round,  check to see if the most likely score is above your ESC limit.

What should I do if I don’t play a hole?

For Handicap Purposes, you should record par plus any handicap strokes for that hole.  For example, you are not able to play holes 17 and 18 due to darkness. You have a Course Handicap of 12 and holes 17 and 18 are a par 3 and 4, and are allocated as the number 16 and 3 handicap holes respectively. Therefore, you would record an x-3 on hole 17 (par + 0 handicap) and x-5 on hole 18  (par + 1 handicap).


We’ve Had A Hole In One

While playing in the 84 Lumber golf outing on Friday, September 28th Steve Hanover scored a Hole in One on the 144 Yard, Par 3, 13th Hole using a 7 Iron. Witnessing the feat were his playing companions Richard Stokes, Shawn Kimball and Paul Roosevelt.


We Had a Hole-in-One

September 7th

Norm Landers had a Hole in One on the 144 Yard Par 3 13th Hole at Woodcrest Golf Club using a 7 Iron. Playing companions Brad Murdoch, Jotham Adams and Steve Gronlund witnessed the feat.