The Whitetail: Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of decorations can we use?

The Whitetail staff is happy to assist you with decorations. The Whitetail will not permit the affixing of anything to walls, floors or ceilings with nails, staples, duct tape or other adhesives. Please consult with restaurant staff on displaying of all materials well in advance of your function. The use of any type of confetti or soap bubbles is not permitted.

Are there time frames for events held at the Whitetail?

Private Functions can be scheduled for any four (4) hour time frame. If extra time is needed, each additional hour will be at $300.00 per hour.

Is a deposit required?

A non-refundable deposit of five hundred dollar ($500.00), for weddings, or two hundred fifty dollar ($250.00), for all other functions, is required to hold the date and time of your function. It is not an additional charge and will be debited from the total of your invoice.

Is there a “Venue Fee”, a fee for the use of the room?

Yes, the “Venue Fee” is an additional $500 for all Wedding Receptions and other Functions not having food.

Are there minimums at The Whitetail?

Yes. There is a minimum of 100 guest for all Saturday functions at The Whitetail.

What form of payment do you accept and when is total payment due?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, local checks and of course cash. All balances must be paid by the end of your event.

Could prices change?

Once a deposit is received and a menu has been selected, no price change would occur.

Is there an additional charge for cake cutting, Chef in dress whites, Management on site for event or the use of audio equipment.


What do I have to guarantee The Whitetail?

You are required to notify The Whitetail on the Monday prior to your event the exact number of attendees to your function. This guest count will be considered the guarantee for which you will be charged, even if fewer guests attend. An slight increase in the guaranteed attendance will be accepted as The Whitetail will prepare food for slightly over your guarantee. If your attendance exceeds the guarantee you must pay for the increased guest count.

Who sets up the room with items brought in?

The Whitetail staff is more than happy to set-up the items you bring in for your event. Please label the items and what you would like done with them and we will take care of everything. It is always best to have things here at least one day in advance. If there are any other questions you have, please don’t hesitate to call us 687-9216.


The Whitetail reserves the right to inspect and control all public functions. Liability for damages to the premises will be charged accordingly. The Whitetail can not assume responsibility for personal property and equipment brought onto the premises. It is the policy of The Whitetail that, for health reasons and liability issues, we shall not allow “left over food or beverage” to be “taken out” after any function.