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2022 Woodcrest Club Events

2022 Club Championships

Sunday Tee Times

10:00 Joan Gibbons, Coleen Dwyer-Bonura
10:20 Jeff Shell, Pete Bobbette John Bonura, Declin Quinn
10:50 Ted Starratt, Matt Vredenburg
11:00 David Martin, Dan Gibbons, Greg Brewster


The Woodcrest Golf Club 2022 Member-Member – Cancelled

2022 MemberGuest 2Day Results

2022 MemberGuest Skins Day1 – Ch-1st Flights

2022 Member Guest Skins Day1 – 2nd-3rd Flights

2022 MemberGuest Skins Day2 – Ch-1st Flights

2022 MemberGuest Skins Day2 – 2nd-3rd Flights

All participants who have NOT received their skin payouts may contact the Professional Shop for further information.

2022 Member-Guest Day 2 TeeTimes

2022 Member-Guest Results Day1