The Course ~ 10th Hole

312 Yards – Blue Tees – #14 Handicap Hole
302 Yards – White Tees – #14 Handicap Hole
300 Yards – Red/Gold Tees – #10 Handicap Hole

The 10th hole is a short, drivable, 90º dogleg left par 4 with out-of-bounds running the length of the left side of the hole and behind the green. The hole is located between the maintenance area on the left and the 18th hole and 16th green on the right.

A lateral hazard creek bed cuts across the fairway short of the green. Small trees line the right side rough, and larger trees are on the right side of the creek bed, and the out-of-bounds left.

The medium sized round flat green is flanked on the right side by a sand bunker and a row of small trees behind.

Playing Tip: While the green is driveable, a 230 yard downhill shot to the center of the green, a more conservative shorter shot to or near the 100 yard marker more often than not leads to a lower score than the eagle gamble off the tee.