The Course ~ 3rd Hole

191 Yards – Blue Tees – #13 Handicap Hole
176 Yards – White Tees – #13 Handicap Hole
151 Yards – Red/Gold Tees – #15 Handicap Hole

The 3rd hole is a medium length par 3, substantially downhill from tee to green, with a short hedgerow backdrop.
The circular green, guarded by sand bunkers on both sides, is heavily sloped from back to front with a grassy mound guarding the small flat portion of the green’s front. Over the green, the rough slopes away into the hedgerow backdrop.

Playing Tip:

While the yardage may seem to dictate a longer club, the dramatic elevation change lessens the choice by one or two clubs. Depending on wind direction, this club selection, too, may change up or down.