The Course ~ 8th Hole

143 Yards – Blue Tees – #17 Handicap Hole
133 Yards – White Tees – #17 Handicap Hole
123 Yards – Red/Gold Tees – #17 Handicap Hole

The 8th hole is a short, flat par 3 bordered by out-of-bounds and Cheese Factory Road on the left and the 1st green almost hole high on the right. The green is guarded both front right and left by sand bunkers. The collars of the green, slope away quickly to rough on left and right sides and precipitously in the back over the green.  The green is small and generally flat, but not without its own unique subtle breaks.

Playing Tip:

Perhaps it is the knowledge that the back of this green falls away, eventually, to a creek bottomed ravine, that leads to many shots coming up short or on the front portion of the green. When the pin is in the back, it is hard to convince yourself that that extra club will indeed stay on the green and not fly beyond, into trouble.